A Celtic Dragon Tarot Journey


As part of my studies for the Dark Moon Circle of Spheres Of Light I will be undertaking a personal exploration of a tarot deck of my choice. The plan is to study one suit of the minor arcana each year, starting with Earth/Pentacles in 2009 and culminating with the major arcana in 2013.

CelticDragonTarotThe tarot deck I have chosen to work with is the Celtic Dragon Tarot by D.J. Conway and Lisa Hunt. I love the artwork and the symbolism and, unlike most tarot decks (but in keeping with the elemental correspondences used by the Inner Realm of Ynys Witrin) this deck associates Wands with the Element of Air, and Swords with the Element of Fire. This association makes more sense to me than the reverse, since Wands are primarily a mental ritual tool (and tree branches from which they are made grow up into the air and breezes) and Swords are an energy or action tool (and are forged in fire).

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Please Note: the interpretations presented in this journal are mostly my own and might not necessarily reflect the same ideas intended and presented by the author and artist for this tarot deck in the companion book that accompanies the set.