2015 ~ Suit of Swords ~ Air

Air ~ The Sphere of Communication

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My Tarot Homework Assignment…

(21/2/2015) “Go through the Thoth Tarot and start writing in your journal your own impressions and insights on each of the cards. You don’t have to do all cards at once, but take your time with each card. Place the card next to your bed at night and see what comes to you in your dreams. Really go deep within each card and examine the symbols and the colours and note how that resonates with you. Notice how each card affects your emotional and mental states.”

And some extra info…

(3/3/2015) Hi Everyone, I would like you to start working with your swords cards on your tarot. This is the beginning of your journaling. To give you a starting point here is some basic info of the Swords from a Kabbalah perspective:

Ace of Swords: The potential of the mind. (The Root of the Power of Air)
Two of Swords: The wisdom of the mind. (The Lord of Peace Restored)
Three of Swords: The understanding of the mind. (The Lord of Sorrow)
Four of Swords: The mercy/grace of the mind. (The Lord of Rest from Strife)
Five of Swords: The severity of the mind. (The Lord of Defeat)
Six of Swords: The beauty of the mind. (The Lord of Earned Success)
Seven of Swords: The victory of the mind. (The Lord of Unstable Effort)
Eight of Swords: The splendor of the mind. (The Lord of Shortened Force)
Nine of Swords: The foundation of the mind. (The Lord of Despair and Cruelty)
Ten of Swords: The kingdom/manifestation of the mind. (The Lord of Ruin)

I’ll be writing about each card on the pages already listed below.


The suit of Swords represents the intellect part of the soul and the Qabalistic world of Yetzirah (formative world).

The suit of Swords is associated with Air, the season of spring, and the South. Swords represent our intellect and judgement. When a sword appears it may indicate a situation where we need to use logic or make a justifiable decision. Swords also indicate divine intervention, invocation, forces which occur outside of our control that we must deal with. The court cards are observant and intellectual—they are thinkers who are adept to communication, but by default are emotionally aloof.

The Sword symbol:

Magical weapon representing the magician’s mind. The sword represents the Ruach (intellect) part of the soul and the Qabalistic world of Yetzirah (formative world).

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