The Kybalion

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21st April 2015 ~ Extra reading assignment from teacher:

“As a follow up, and in conclusion to, the past 3 Dark Moon lectures and meditations on *Atziluth* – the Initiating Supernal world of Divine principles and deity, I strongly recommend that everybody reads this simple book written at the turn of the 19th century by three magicians of the Western Esoteric Tradition, as a complementary resource for understanding the Hermetic axiom of the Magical Qabalah we are studying.

At a glance the 7 Hermetic principles may look fairly uncomplicated, if not easy-enough to contemplate, but “magically” speaking, without a foundational understanding of how these principles apply to ourselves and our moment to moment lives, we will just indulge our folk fantasies and never get beyond dress-ups and empty rituals. This isn’t meant as a harsh criticism not that we may be wrong or not good enough. The positive psychology, New Age movement, and motivational coaches around the globe have taken these principles and are making huge financial returns, yet they really miss the point, which is ultimately transcendence.

On Friday night I talked about Binah as the Sephirot associated with evolution into Spirit or devolution into matter. Ama as the formless womb of barren potential, the unused virgin, and also spent plasmic source that requires the fertile flash of Chokmah ABBA to formulate or re-formulate the AIMA, and in doing so creates all new things. Thus, Kether, Chokmah and Binah are the Supernal forces and the 7 Hermetic principles are philosophical and scientific correspondences, which when meditated upon, will no doubt further one’s understanding of our implicit and explicit worlds, and how to use them both magically in sorcery and transcendentally towards mastery, that we may truly live out our true will, our Divine purpose.”

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A few years ago I bought and read a copy of Divine Magic: The Seven Sacred Secrets of Manifestation, by Doreen Virtue, so when the Kybalion was given as a reading assignment for my group Tarot study I though it sounded rather familiar. 🙂

Divine-MagicYou have natural magical abilities that can elevate your life to a whole new level, as well as heal and help your loved ones and clients. The original teacher of this Divine magic was an Egyptian sage named Hermes Trismegistus. His teachings, called “Hermetics,” were only taught verbally or in very cryptic writings. In 1908, three Hermetic students wrote these teachings in a book called The Kybalion. Yet, this book was still difficult to understand because of its archaic and confusing language.

Now in Divine Magic, Doreen Virtue presents a clearly edited version of The Kybalion, written in understandable and modern language. She gives comments and practical suggestions based upon her own success in using Hermetic teachings for healing and manifestation. With Divine Magic, you can  master your moods, release negativity, manifest new levels of abundance, and attract wonderful opportunities in all areas of your life.

Not the same as reading the Kybalion itself, which I will do when I get time, but maybe it’s a bit simpler to understand (and after skimming through the Kybalion, I know it’s going to be a “challenge”).