Two of Swords – Peace


My Personal impressions of the Two of Swords

(4/03/2015) My first impression of this card is that it is very balanced and symmetrical. The swords cross in the exact centre of the card, the Libra zodiac symbol (Balance/Justice) is balanced on the tip of the dagger at the bottom of the card and a corresponding dagger placed at the top of the card supports a crescent moon – the Moon in Libra. The four geometrical flowers/wings/thingamies radiating from the skewered flower in the centre are also in equilibrium.

The pale blue flower has five petals — not sure if that means anything or not — maybe ties in with the five elements of Earth, Air, Fire, Water & Spirit all together in the middle??? The flower is also a softer feminine influence to balance out the harder male presence of the swords. Its curves contrast the straight lines of the swords. The skewered flower could represent the union of the feminine and masculine forces (though the flower seems unfairly outnumbered) — perhaps the flower is the calming influence maintaining an uneasy peace between two fighting factions — a temporary resolution to a conflict.

The green is not as deep and earthy as that used in the Ace of Swords but the combination of green at the bottom and yellow at the top could still represent Earth and Air together on the Middle Pillar. The yellow is uplifting and “cheerful” and could signify hope for peace and understanding. The pale blue of the flower is a cool and peaceful influence to counteract the excitement of the yellow. The white of the geometric shapes, which also resemble swastikas (movement of air), is also a peaceful colour, though the shapes themselves “feel” far from peaceful.

The cross-guards of the swords have praying angels on each end and a bird (dove) in the centre — also symbols of peace and/or the hope/prayers for peace.

The more I look at it the more I find the overall imagery in this card to be somewhat disturbing as the poor flower has brought peace at great personal cost and sacrifice. The geometrical wings radiating from the flower also look blade-like and “uncomfortable” (spinning fans are generally dangerous) so nope, I don’t really like this card. Although it represents Peace it’s not a “comfortable”, long-lasting peace …it could be “blown away” at any moment. 😮

Two of Swords

Original Title: Lord of Peace Restored.
Golden Dawn Model: Two hands appear from clouds at the right and left side of the card holding two swords which cross in the centre of the card. A red rose with five petals blooms where the swords touch. The rose emits white rays.
Colours: Blue pearl grey (like mother of pearl), blue, silver, emerald green, pale green (more details on page 240 of ref.[1])
Zodiac: Two of Swords rules the Moon in Libra — 0° to 10° Libra, September 23 to October 2. [1]
Qabalistic Attribution: Chokmah in Yetzirah [8]

Description: In the Thoth Two of Swords the red rose of the Golden Dawn version has been replaced with a deep blue-green blossom (Libra) and a stylized Greek cross has been formed at the centre using geometrical wings which are also on the Princess of Swords and on the backgrounds of other cards of this suit. According to astrology, people who were born with Moon in Libra criticize and make judgements from a position of enviable equilibrium. They weigh every problem and proposition with the utmost fairness. This fortunate union of sign and planet finds a predictably dignified home in Chokmah.  However, the natural vocation of a sword is to fight, to cut, to pierce, to kill. It is an instrument of action. Just like the mind, just like the Ruach, the intellectual part of the soul, it is in constant movement. The mind is considered the enemy so to achieve profound levels of consciousness it must be overcome. Fearful that its existence and control will end, the mind resists these efforts at all costs, and this is why so many cards in the suit of Swords seem so frustrated, anxious, nervous, even tortured. In the case of the Two of Sword, Peace, it seems we’ve dodged a bullet. We must always remember, however, that for the sharp and dangerous sword, peace is just an uncharacteristic and temporary interruption from war. [1]

Description by Aleister Crowley: This card is ruled by Chokmah in the element of Air. This suit, governing all intellectual manifestations, is always complicated and disordered. It is subject to change as is no other suit. It represents a general shaking-up, resulting from the conflict of Fire and Water in their marriage; and proceeds, when Earth appears, to crystallization. But the purity and exaltation of Chokmah are such that this card manifests the very best idea possible to the suit. The energy abides above the onslaught of disruption. This comparative calm is emphasized by the celestial attribution: the Moon in Libra. The Moon is change, but Nature is peaceful; moreover, Libra represents balance; between them, they regulate the energy of the Swords. In the card appear two swords crossed; they are united by a blue rose with five petals. This rose represents the influence of the Mother, whose harmonizing influence compounds the latent antagonism native to the suit. The Rose emits white rays, producing a geometrical pattern that emphasizes the equilibrium of the symbol. [6]

Sephira: Chokmah ~ Chokmah, the second of the ten sefirot, is the first power of conscious intellect within Creation, and the first point of ‘real’ existence, since Keter represents emptiness. According to the book of Job, “Wisdom comes from nothingness”. This point is both infinitely small, and yet encompasses the whole of being, but it remains incomprehensible until it is given shape and form in Binah. Chokmah is associated in the soul with the power of intuitive insight, flashing lightning-like across consciousness. Chokmah is the primary (“beginning”) force in the creative process. The word Chokmah itself may be broken into two words — koach (“potential”) and ma (“what is”). Thus, Chokmah means “the potential of what is”, or, “the potential to be.” This aspect of Chokhmah describes the state of Chokmah in relation to the sefira of Keter. As Chokmah emanates from Keter, the first dawning of the “Infinite Light”, it “appears” in an obscure and undefined state that is a virtual non-being. Chokmah as the creative, active principle behind the cosmos. It is force, the ultimate Subject, as compared to Binah, the ultimate Object.  [5]


Two of SwordsMoon in Libra – “Peace”
Differing opinions compromised. Balancing truths, temporary resolution. [2]
The wisdom of the mind. (The Lord of Peace Restored)

Chokmah – Wisdom: A mirror image of Kether the invisible, yet more present. Arrival of the first actual thing// the Demi-urge. Opposition/Brotherhood, Visibility, Raw force, Change. [4]

Twos and Chokmah: The Two’s are standing for Chokmah, the power of creation and the first manifestation following the pure idea of the Aces. Therefore, the Two’s are untouched and showing the full power of their elements in their most beautiful expressions. The Two of Swords is Peace, the energy of the air in undisturbed harmony. [7]


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