Seven of Swords – Futility


Seven of Swords – Moon in Aquarius – “Futility”
Plans awry. Shortened force. Purging agendas.


Hey everyone! Next dark moon we’ll be exploring the sphere of Netzach where Venus shines her beautiful light of attraction into Mother Nature herself. This article is interesting given we seem to be attuned to the astrological seasons right now.

“Venus corresponds with the powers of attraction resident in each person, and Leo speaks to the images we project. Thus for many, Venus’ retrograde through Leo will bring a series of questions about the issue of self-presentation. A series of looks into Aphrodite’s mirror will reveal the array of internal images by which we identify ourselves, as well those that we project out into the world. A reckoning between what we see and what the world sees is thus inevitable. Venus’ actions always speak to relationships, and the relationship we have with ourselves is no exception.”